Innovative Information Technology

Innovitech kft.


Széchenyi 2020

Our company has many ongoing projects in the field of research and development. These projects are characterised below:

  • The CTA – “CML Treatment Assistant” health care information system being developed by our company is for the monitoring of the examinations of the chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML). The appropriate monitoring of the patients and the precise evaluation of the responses are of key importance due to the high costs of the CML treatment. On the basis of the information provided to the patients, the treatment monitoring assistant contributes to the increase of compliance and the improvement of the monitoring habits. The monitoring and the registry of the CML patients treated by the doctors becomes simpler also for them and the automatic scheduling of the examinations to be performed becomes possible, as well, eventually facilitating the performance of the most optimal TKI treatment strategy.
  • JDSA – “Java Decision Structure Analyser”: source code decision structure analyser. The aim of this research and development project is to create a static code analyser able to measure the decision structure quality of source codes, which is able to detect anomalies in the decision structure. A further aim is the correlation investigation of the planning metrics characterising the quality of the decision system of the introduced object-oriented programs by other quality indicators.
  • Establishment of development and planning framework systems: our company has got and is performing the further development of development and planning framework systems and solutions based on technological standards to guarantee the trustworthy execution of robust IT projects.


Our company has further specific technological experience which may be used in research and development projects:

  • Experience in project management, planning, development and testing: Our company has significant professional experience regarding analysis, planning, development and execution, including testing and quality assurance. This knowledge may be applied either in the performance of a specific project or in the creation of a general concept.
  • Development of mobile phone systems: The current research and development projects often require development experience in the field of mobile phones. Our company has several references in this field.
  • Flexible reporting solutions able to treat large amount of data: The creation of flexible reporting mechanisms are of critical importance due to the frequently changing reporting demands. The concerning results of our company can be well applied during the IT projects.
  • Development of server side components dealing with large amount of data and large transaction number: The ability regarding the optimisation of server side processing components is a significant knowledge of our company, which is able to the distribution processing of extremely high number of requests.