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Grapevine scanning with simple 3D cameras

One of the most significant challenges we faced during the GRAPLER project was how to reconstruct grapevines in 3D with assessable quality. One of the possible solution to this problem would be to scan the vines using 3D scanners. In the initial stages of the project, several commercially available 3D scanners were tested, but unfortunately, none of them performed satisfactorily. These devices were incapable of accurately reconstruct the grapevines in details.

Therefore, the GRAPLER team started to develop their own, more affordable, camera-based 3D vine scanner. Recently, a breakthrough was achieved by utilizing multiple cameras and viewpoints simultaneously. We managed to reconstruct the grapevines more detailed. In addition, we use several noise filtering solutions to detect errors, further enhancing the system's reliability and accuracy.

The GRAPLER project is an exciting example of how agriculture can harness new technologies and computer vision to improve productivity and sustainability. The success of developing the 3D scanner hopefully contributes to enhancing the efficiency and competitiveness of the agricultural sector.