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Innovation abilities

Széchenyi 2020

Innovation abilities

The aim of the formation of the InnovITech Kft. in 2011 was to utilise the experience accumulated by the professional career of the founders in the sphere of application development, quality assurance and research and development. Besides the registered office of the company situated in Budapest, a new site was opened in Eger in 2014.

Our company has active experience and researchers in the field of research and development, which can be applied during research activities and the conceptualisation regarding research. Our staff members have targeted graduation and high level of expertise. It is a priority to execute research and development project to create internationally competitive IT results by combining the research capacity of higher education and the experience of the private sector.

Our long-term target is to achieve the industrial benefit of the competence in research and development on the basis of our many ongoing research and development projects financed from own resources. Our specific target is to launch a research and development project on the basis of our invention submitted to the patent process with the name of “A procedure for the establishment of electronic value-based information trade attached to IT imprints and for the IT mapping”, which makes possible in the field of health care to introduce the procedure declared in the patent in the market and the performance of the concerning research and development tasks.


Our research projects:

  • Creation of the CTA – “CML Treatment Assistant” health care information system to be used for the monitoring of the examinations of the chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML).
  • JDSA – “Java Decision Structure Analyser”: Research and development regarding the analysis of the source code decision structure.
  • Establishment of development and planning framework systems.


Besides the active projects, the experts of our company have the following experience regarding research and development:

  • Electronic nutritional and lifestyle coaching;
  • “Internet of things”, FutureRFID”;
  • Planning methodologies;
  • Planning principles, analysis of planning patterns;
  • SAT problem, SAT solving algorithms;
  • Model checking, use of model checking programs in the practice;
  • Mathematical analysis: investigation of functional equations and functional inequalities;
  • Stability theory of functional equations.


Further specific technological experience of our company:

  • Experience in project management, planning, development and testing;
  • Flexible reporting solutions able to treat large amount of data;
  • Development of server side components dealing with large amount of data and large transaction number.