Innovative Information Technology

Innovitech kft.

Development possibilities

Széchenyi 2020

We determined our further development strategy regarding our current research and development projects on the basis of the reflections of the market and internal analyses. The public part of these development strategies are described below:


CTA-CML Treatment Assistant

  • Extension of the treatment types to other diseases, as well;
  • Medical researches on the basis of the health status data regarding treatments.


Source code decision structure analyser

  • Validation of the “Decision abstraction metrics” and the “Inheritance ratio due to the termination of the decision redundancies” metrics;
  • Specification of new object-oriented planning principles according to decision structure optimisation possibilities;
  • Analysis of the highlighting and contraction of decisions by JML;
  • Analysis of the relation between the generic class composition and the decision structures;
  • Formation of the automatic exploration possibilities of the decisions with partially or completely corresponding behaviour contract;
  • Establishment of the measurement tools of the metrics “Ratio of equivalent decision events” and “Ratio of the decision event with equivalent decision predicate”;
  • Analysis of the relationships between the planning patterns and the object-oriented programs.


Framework system for development and planning

  • Possibilities and checking of the maintenance of synchronicity of planning and execution;
  • Prototype development of a UML-based source code generator.


It is an important aim to bring the research and development projects in a state providing an appropriately founded knowledge to take part in the research and development grant of H2020.

Regarding the development of the competence of research and development, the following pathways are followed:

  • Facilitation of the technology improvement possibilities
    • Ensuring and financing technology-specific trainings and examination possibilities;
    • Support and organisation of the participation in conferences;
    • Support of the participation in competitions.
  • Support of the cooperation with higher education institutions
    • By the involvement into the dual training programme, the augmentation of the innovation abilities of the students with industry-specific experience;
    • Support of the participation in the study material of the dual training and the distance education;
    • Ensuring places for trainees.
  • Research
    • Financing research and development projects;
    • Support of scientific publications.