Innovative Information Technology

Innovitech kft.

  • Modern technologies

    Java and.NET based informatics solutions' analysis, getting up, operation, for mobile devices too.

  • Database solutions

    Applications which use Oracle and MS SQL Server databases. Deliver Oracle based data warehousings, BI solutions. Performace optimalization of data processes which need large data traffic.

  • Cross-platform applications

    We strive to independent application server solutions, so our applications can run on JBoss, GlassFish, WebLogic, and WebSphere servers, or if the supported features allow, our applocations can run only in a Tomcat webcontainer.

  • Methodologies

    Project-specific applied methodologies in the full cycle of implementation. Rational unified process, Extreme programming, Service-oriented architecture, design patterns, Scrum, Model-driven architecture.


  • 03/07/2024

    The key step of plant-reconstruction is to detect the nodes in the image of the grapevine.

  • 29/05/2024

    AiRobo Artificial Intelligence based Robotics is an Erasmus+ cross-country project in the European Union. Its goal is to bring professionals working in universities in several countries closer to each other, and jointly lay down the principles of artificial intelligence-driven robots.

  • 07/05/2024

    InnovITech's Metagenome project aims to develop AI-based software to support the analysis of the gut microbiome composition and the association between certain diseases. Research on the microbiome has made significant breakthroughs in recent decades, and an increasing number of diseases have been linked to microbial changes.